18 ago. 2009

self portrait

this is me.... at night i grow owl eyes and owl pain and cry... there are two kinds of nights, sleepy nights and dark desert nights.

i will smile at you if i meet you
i enjoy eating but am losing my appetite
i no longer know if im happy or not but are almost always satisfied
there are few big surprises but many little ones in my life

i alway lose things
i run and jump
i stare directly at the sun, only when crossing bridges
i like my morning walk
i want to bend into all shapes and sizes
i don't mind ants on my legs
i like canopy beds

my head is my world and my jail cell- labyrinth
i cant stay still and get land-locked blues
i like punctuation, but not capital letters
i think we are all empty suits of armor... we are what is outside
inside me, there is only water

*fotos cortesía de monica

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