14 mar. 2012


Let me see you in all kinds of light.
Let me analyze your nervous and your boisterous laughs,
And see the way your lips drink from the bottle,
The way you stretch your legs while reading,
And how your face twitches when confused.
Talk to me of art and your ambitions,
With a serious face but warm warm gaze,
Displaying all the tenderness of your ideas.

Let me cuddle with you on a sofa to feel your nooks and curves.
I'll ask you to take your clothes off slowly,
Letting me observe your sequence and the self-consciousness that may or may not glitter in your eyes,
So I can absorb each inch of skin and stem of hair that grows.
Let me feel the skin in search of silk and paper,
Outline your fingernails and smoothe the ridges,
Worship the small roundness of your breasts,
Taste the texture of your flowing locks.
Let me even smell your hidden caves to know the quality of your salt,
And if you are willing,
Kiss me so I'll passively experience the theatrics of your seduction..:

This way I will feel more near to him,
And understand she that he loves, and why.