29 ago. 2009

Good-bye, friend

It’s hard to write
Bye letters.

Schoolgirl tales of lying under the recess sun
Laughing a little
Sipping a little juice
Again again again everyday.

So many day trips day dreams night calls and night adventures
Trippy trippy trips and conversations.
Kisses on the mirror.
Sleeping over from the very early days
(confessions and omelette mornings)
To the times you were my only friend
Who could work the lock.

Puzzling abysmal differences
Family religion style music interests personality
Ways we deal

Leaning against the wall…
The wall is each other’s backs.
We don’t need to be looking in the same direction.

Fits fits (crying laughing craughing) fits
All those weird friend messes we always got in
And out of.

I’m not leaving.
I’m not going anywhere.
You don’t have to go either.
You’ll just be suspended in the air for a while
Then you’ll land on this same land
(no oceans in between us I don’t think)
You’ll see the same
C o n S t e L L a T i ON s
(I guess the clouds might be different)
And I’ll be tucked inside your computer.

I already miss you.
Every moment is missed as it flies by in is glory that is the present
(A present)
The rivers flow the fishes mingle but soon come angry forks
(but all rivers lead to sea)
You see?
We’re running down parallel lines.

All your fears I carry in my handkerchief. I promise they won’t fly out to get you
I know you as well or better as you know yourself.
Doesn’t that give you some kind of comfort, like the moon’s steady gaze?
I’m sorry I couldn’t write
Normal words.
Normal was really never our norm.
Please keep my words
All of them
Not these but the words of these three years…
Words are what bonds are actually made of,
Bonds that can paper-cut time.
The words and the memories
Like those scars and those bracelets
And those pictures and comments
Paint splatters
The contents of a Marry Poppin’s bag
Tattoos and piercings
Things I know will never wear away….

I’ll see you in December.

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