6 ago. 2009


se conocieron. él la conoció a ella y a sí mismo, porque en realidad nunca se había conocido. y ella lo conoció a él y a sí misma, porque aun habiéndose conocido siempre, jamás se había podido reconocer así
(italo calvino)

Musicians make many instruments one and one sound like many

I get a book and my glasses and need nothing else- maybe my computer to open a void with everyone else (computers?). Screens and pages… words and images… thoughts in blurry abstract form. What else is my world? Music that pierces the walls and the air (or only my ears?). Turkey sandwiches? A cup, a glue stick, a dusty windowsill?

We are incomplete in our completeness, in our complete integration of incomplete parts thus we never are completely one part but one in parts or parts in one. And in that one is the hole(or need of two to make one)of another one, a one to make two because a part that is a whole is incomplete without that hole that needs filling, so only when two are one is one really one. Is that why I know I am alone, but less than one? Precisely because of that 1-shaped “l” that changes a one into a half, alone. If I am already two (or more) why do I need another one (or two?). It seems that one does not exist.

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