11 oct. 2010


I could only describe her as salty. The saltiest woman I ever met. At first I thought she was sweet. One makes that mistake. She is much more moderate, and yet not so light. She can go with everything, but steals its taste. Her smile is twisted, and she pours tears on it all. She is full of smells and licours. She loves water but kills it with one touch, nobody can drink it now to feel better. She is not fresh, she will not take you back to cool springs or flower elixirs. She has a mine inside her, a black hole that devours; the spleen and nostalgia, the lunatic relativity, all stifled frustration, a scream heavily stretched out in space and time. She only sprinkles salt. She could never be sour. Puckering her lips and being sarcastic is not the same as getting a kick out of sharp distortion, out of pungent acid. She tends to the subtle and opaque. One day she may be bitter, like once she was sweet, but salt is a world of its own really, since it does spice things up naturally and through no art of its own... only a detonator. The salt in her is also a detonator, it makes her a stranger to her liquid cells and blinky eyes; the tickles, the second, third, fourth voices, the insecurity and the criticism and the negativity she seems to startle others with, others plainer or sweeter or bitter or sour, so alive in their extreme game. Salt is relative and ranging. Salt is a wrinkled thing of old age. It knows death is a wonderful dissolving in oceans vast. Salt wishes she didn't spice, but was spiced. Why is the world a place of incompatibility, where nothing mirrors, where what gives cannot receive, and where power is a burden and leads to longing? Salt seems to say: wait a second. Strong and antisocial, clumsy at seduction (easily goes over the top and makes a nauseating dish). Salt can't stop presenting sides and pointing at none, staying immobilized.

She feels this salt as a funny scratch in her throat. Salty: uncomfortable, prickly. She has tried to water it down with many charms. Maybe someone could love her, but not for too long.

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