11 ene. 2010

Pro-choice or pro-life?

Over the dripping dishes
Her pregnant belly pressed against the sink
Look! a fly stuck on the plastic stickies
Must remove but don’t know how
And don’t want to really- hum hum humming
The future (but don't count your chickens) mother
Realizes she's no longer one half of a couple
(Goooooooooodbye, baby's daddy)
But a couple in one
Because the living being inside her
Is enough to not feel lonely, ever
And she knows with as much certainty
As the cells that sleepwalking begat him
That her son will never be warmer and more blissful
Than there inside the womb…
So for a second she secretly wishes,
For his and her and the sake of all the universe,
Not to the stars but to that fly on the window
That he’ll decide to stay unborn
And never die inside her.

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