13 ene. 2010


No plans, no revolutions: the world tending towards unity (no more Olympic gods, just one), to being a snake biting its own tail (as everything). The alert mistrusting man sees diversity as an agent of fear. The naïve as the seed of love. But even love is often war, and canned diversity that can't get out.... will eat itself until it's one giant snake that ends up chasing its own tail.

Things blow up and reconstruct from the ashes, as faulty as before. Edipuses breeding with their mothers and Electras with their fathers, condemning their children to houses with mirrors instead of walls. History throwing out hope and despair in turn, and popes and presidents and Alexander the Greats. Revolutionaries who never wanted to change the show, just be themselves the man behind the curtain. Temptation, selfishness, knowledge, the devil... God and the devil were put in the same book by the same people. Devils who didn't want you to want the knowledge they had taken, so you could believe in an entity they had created. The snake in Eden was an inside job, and the apple was of dischord (like the one that caused the Trojan War), not of knowledge. That big snake will eat you until it's one giant snake that ends up chasing its own tail.
Ouroboros. An ancient symbol of infinity.

(Infinity. The Greeks suspected it essential. The Greeks suspected everything... it seems we knew the answers from the dawn of thought. Instead of realizing the answer solves nothing, evasion has led us on a blind quest for truth, until the answer has a question mark at the end and the questions become the quest. And dialogue becomes a snake chasing its own tail.)

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