16 jun. 2009

Kings of Convenience

Un fantástico grupo de Noruega. Guitarras cuyos suaves acordes bailan. Una voz cálida de tierra fría (evoca nostalgia, tranquilidad, y cariño). Su página oficial es http://www.kingsofconvenience.com/. Vale la pena bajar sus canciones si te gusta la música suave y original, y si te valoras la hábil combinación de una letra ingeniosa y creativa con las notas adecuadas. Dejo la letra de algunas canciones, y recomendaciones de más.

I don't know what I can save you from
You called me after midnight,
it must have been three years since we last spoke.
I slowly tried to bring back
the image of your face
from the memories so old.
I tried so hard to follow,
but didn't catch a half of what had gone wrong,
said "I don't know what I can save you from. "
I don't know what I can save you from.
I asked you to come over,
and within half an hour,
you were at my door.
I had never really known you,
but I realized that the one you were before,
had changed into somebody for whomI wouldn't mind to put the kettle on.
Still I don't know what I can save you from.
I don't know what I can save you from.

Riding on this know-how
Never been here before
Peculiarly entrusted
Possibly that's all
Is history recorded?
Does someone have a tape?
Surely, I'm no pioneer
Constellations stay the same
Just a little bit of danger
When intriguingly
Our little secret
Trusts that you trust me'
Cause no one will ever know
That this was happening
So tell me why you listen
When nobody's talking
What is there to know?
All this is what it is
You and me alone
Sheer simplicity

I lose some sales and my boss won't be happy
but I can't stop listening to the sound
of two soft voices blended in perfection
from the reels of this record that I found

every day there's a boy in the mirror
asking me what are you doing here
finding all my previous motives
growing increasingly unclear

I travelled far and I burned all the bridges
I believed as SOON as I hit land
all the other options held before me
WILL wither in the light of my plan

so I lose some salesand my boss won't be happy
but there's only one thing on my mind
searching boxes underneath the counter
on a chance that on a tape I'd find
a song for someone who needs somewhere
to long for

cause I no longer knowwhat home is

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