16 sept. 2009



thin paper smile. everything right. soft sturdy hands. The music made the couch a sailboat reaching for the moon.

exploring the L of the legs.
It just makes sense.
What was that you tried to say
When you were lost inside my hair?

Mostly words were just side dishes.
We were so close it was all out of focus.
I could fall inside your laugh
and live there
and lick your fingers
as if they were my own.

I could call for your lips with my lips
And never find them
Have fun that way
Knowing they are mine and near.



again what was that you tried to say?
So many leads to follow but I blindly head for some
I wag my tail like a dog
At images I’m scared of
Of always leaning on your chest (needing that heat)
It's only really scary cause it makes me feel serene.

Am I ever really listening?

I learned to fly and fell so hard…
You took me out of real and clear.
What’s left?
Will I learn?
Or teach to trust?

In love (?)

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