14 ene. 2014


Then everything is conditional...
It may be unconditional in the abstract
But it is conditional in the concrete:
In the immediate, tangible moment
Your indifference,
The way you can look upon me with such hate
With wrath
With confusion
Makes it impossible to hold as truer
The moments you swore to me your love
The moments we swayed in the land of the tacit.

I believe in your voice, for better or worse
It tells me what I need to know.
It tells me that the voice cannot but lie
It is a phantom.
My love is unconditional to your flow...
I will swallow the emotions you shove through my ears
Down my throat...
I brush off like feathers,
Stubbornly, to feed some fantasy of inner sun,
The temperamentality of your being.
Things, after all.
The voice, singing.
Abstract is everything
In the air, suspended.

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