20 may. 2013

Explanatory Portrait of the Modern, Land-locked Mermaid

She may look disconnected but she just inhabits her world more or
seems it.

She can seem many things, so she is strange.
She seems to be remembering a joke or noticing some stain on your shirt or simply planning something
as she walks by.
(Remember that for Wallace Stevens
To Seem is an action verb)

She muses and fidgets when she is sitting down, but can abruptly look like an alert puppy discovering a new thing about people up here on land.
(Forks for brushing hair)
She's probably just very entertained with her own engagements in this magical crazy world. She's a smart one, even if she's not always got common sense.

One day she picked out a blue envelope from the local dream salesman, and it told her all about herself. Her being from the water made her "like a donkey tied to the door of the ball", always excluded from the party.
But oh, she can imagine it. She sees it from the outside.

Certainties come at her solid and true, but they make her uncomfortable in her liquid state.
The flow of affects in her
will always determine the flow of thoughts, and words, and logic, and meaning
in her.
She is plugged in to the electric sea of emotional discharge.
There's lots of crystal magic but there's also lots of shit.

Sometimes she hears the world saying "no" to her, but she knows it's really the echo of her own "No!"
to so many things.
She builds her world through her representation
and reflective and anticipative narration.

Instead of saying "That girl has a brain inside that head"
It seems more appropriate to say
"That girl has a VOICE inside that head"
(Hello, nice to meet you too!)

She sometimes seems not to listen because she's so caught up by the undercurrent
and that can make her act like a tease.

But you must know...
The tease isn't really "the tease",
She's just intuitively aware of your sick secrets
And dark intentions.
She only perceives your perceptiveness of her
and can't listen to your voiced perceptions.
(It's part of coming from the sea.
It's hard to hear down there with so much water).

She's in love with the world despite its dirty solid clutter and despite being unable to ever belong
(Whatever, she can touch it)

Don't think her naive,
she only acts innocent because she doesn't want to scare you with her gravity.

"It takes guts to be gentle and kind..."
She was listening to The Smiths this morning...

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