14 jun. 2010

Poemitas muy, muy viejos de una pequeña yo

Mudanza implica toparse con cuadernos muy llenos de polvo. Y se explota el amor por transportarse en el tiempo releyendo viejos pensamientos. Estos poemas me sorprendieron, por distintas razones, y me pusieron a gran distancia de quien era hace mucho tiempo, en fechas inexactas porque no vienen escritas. Sólo creo que le rango de éstos que estoy publicando ahora son de los 12-15 años. Aunque ya no soy la misma, otra parte del impacto de leer estas cosas es lo que sí resuena de mi voz actual, de mi voz de siempre.

The tree

When the skies turn clear
And the clouds look near
And the leaves mumble
And the branches rumble
The tree is waking up.

When the leaves rustle
And the people hustle
And the shadows grow
And the waters glow
The tree is falling asleep.

When the skies are pink
And you bother to think
And the people smile
And the breeze stops a while
The tree is dreaming.


A way was open but it closed,
A gentle leaf pushed away the gust,
The path that opened in the rose.
A swift and subtle breathing
(like the beast's sedated sleep)
Is a memory from a lost land
That I remember from the crib.
A pattern of music, frustration of light
Trills away at songbirds
And well into the night.
As a syncopated poem
Draws the light away
Go push my curtains further
Until the horizon's finally grey.


Your hand slipped into my hand
We barely touched but felt
A lifetime away from nowhere,
Forgotten in the shadows,
An eagle struggling to get out.

You said you didn't love me
My heaven broke in two
We walked slowly together
With your bag squarely between.

We whisked away the promise
Of another promise of a day
When our eyes looked to the corners
Of a question lost in space.

Your heart was in my pocket
Locked into a dream
It vanished when you slowly
Unslipped your lazy fingers
And left my hand empty and cold.

My eyelids trembled as I tried not to blink
Begging don't leave me with a trembling lip
My hands grew icy and my heart a bone.

I gave up, shut my eyes,
And in a second,
Faster than a question,
You were gone.


I know what you are hiding
In your eyes of coal
I know what is hidden
Deep in your soul.

When I see you, the world goes in slow motion.
Your every move is so revealing and so vulnerable.

The memory of you
Lingered in the air
After you were gone
So I grabbed it
Secretly and
Put it in my pocket.

Like day
I molded it into my shape
And gave it eyes that lied
So when I saw you again
I was disappointed
Because your memory was twisted.
But you are beautiful anyway.

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