4 oct. 2009

More than two weeks

I don’t want to let it go
You turn one thing off, the other
Goes on
I don’t want to be: alone, a book
That air of individuality
Unapproachable angel
I want to shine in two
To shine for somebody
(like you)
Whose house smells home
Whose hands I need to steal
Who listens and understands my words
But I twist in my sleep
Or drive the car across a ditch
Because I know that your bed feels cold too
And you’re more confused than you’ve ever been
And you call and you ask and you smile
(Try to hide, try to bury)
But keep me by you side
And I writhe
I am jelly
But I come home and cry
Knowing you’re not going to give me peace of mind
And the more we try to suppress
The more blown-up our insides
Until (I) we’ll explode
That’s as far as my dream goes.

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